Myron Hieronymous Thomas

   And Company

     Multi-Media Productions

Video Productions 

  Infomercials, Commercials, Web Based video


We produce various length commercial productions.

From simple to elaborate, whatever meets your budget.

Scriptwriting, Talent, Videography, Post Production Editing.

30 minute infomercials:


Longer Venue programs provide an opportunity to tell your story. Our productions are fast moving informative 

programs that keep the viewer or listener staying longer. These productions can be surprisingly affordable.


Developing a 30 minute program is cost saving, as a variety of length productions can be produced from the original


30 minutes.


30 second commercials:

Traditional commercials must be concise, interesting, entertaining, educational, and sell. That is a lot to accomplish in a small time frame. These shorter venue productions can be produced at any budget level. We can provide elaborate computer animations or more simple testimonial messages.


Web Based Video: 

Creating video for the web is as much art as it is science. The web viewer demands concise and short videos. High quality web video requires the detailed attention to the encoding parameters that enable video to play over the web. As one of the largest volume producers of  video for the web we provide all formats of encoding and can assist you in creating a web video player for your personal or corporate web site or a custom You Tube video site.

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