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     Multi-Media Productions

Industrial Environmental Documentation

We provide developers, contractors, oil exploration and drilling companies with video documentations of

sites and projects from beginning to end.


A video documentation provides a time dated, time coded living document of site conditions at any stage during a project.


Any potential disputes can be quickly and easily resolved by refering to the video documentation.


A video documentation recorded at various phases of a project provide clear and undeniable standards of the quality of work and adherence to code and environmental regulations.


Digital Video Documenation Meets Government Standards

As producers of broadcast programs our equipment meets government standards for video documentation, including date, time and time code stamp, as well as narrative.

If needed our digital video can be printed as a still from any frame in the video.

You will also receive a printed log of the scenes with time code location and narrative summary.

Additionally, we can provide  notarized  affidavits of the authenticity of the video documentation.

Court Room Testimony

As producers of  video documentary productions for attorneys we understand the mediation and court process. Our professionals are available to testify to the authenticity of the video we create should the need arise.

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