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Myron Hieronymous Thomas And Company has been producing quality video productions and audio productions  for over 30 years. Our productions range from full scale video documentaries and video programs for television and the web, to feature video  and audio productions along with audio productions and narrations for books, video web sites, video documentaries, video biographical portraits both for individuals and coporations.  


Based in the Sarasota, Florida along the Gulf of Mexico we travel throughout the world to create quality video productions for our clients. We provide a complete mobile video studio which offers a full video production capability on site anywhere in the world.  We specialize in video productions for the web having been providing web based video  since 1995.  


Additionally, we provide multi-media services for the medical and legal professions including, Video Patient Education Informed Consent, Video Seminar Presentations, Video Settlement Brochures and Demands, Video Surgical Procedures and Mediation Presentations created on PowerPoint which include elements of video productions.  


Within this web site you will have the opportunity to learn more about our video  and audio productions. We invite you to spend some time in our video preview media center rooms and watch some short  examples of our video productions. In our Documentary Productions section we have featured several full length video documentary productions for viewing. Visit our TV Programs section and watch one of our television programs. HeathLine features medical doctors discussing innovative treatments and The Wealth of Collecting focusing on beautiful antiques and collectibles and their realtionship to the past, present and future. Drop by our Narrations section and listen to some examples of audio productions featuring the voice talent of Myron Hieronymous Thomas, including a voice demo with a variety of character voices all created by MHT.


Before you leave you'll want to stop by our Holiday Features section and enjoy some of our holiday special video and audio productions  including some classic stories such as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow audio production or A Visit From St. Nicholas video production featuring illustrations of Thomas Nast and William Roger Snow  from the original 1869 and 1896 McLoughlin Brothers publications of the poem, plus much more.  


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