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Myron Hieronymous Thomas And Company

Documentary Productions:

We have produced over 100 full scale video documentaries ranging from personal biographical videos to feature presentations. We have selected a few of our favorites for your viewing. 

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Myron Hieronymous Thomas is a 30 year  radio & television broadcast  veteran.  A graduate of Ohio University  College of Radio & Television he has been an integral part of the Sarasota Florida community since 1976.


He was General Manager of WQSA News Talk radio in Sarasota from 1987 to 1994, where he additionally hosted a variety of political, medical,  legal, entertainment and community interest talk radio programs.


Capable of producing over 33 character voices his voice characterizations have been featured on  radio  programs, television commercials, and children's audio productions internationally and on over 50 NCAA  college Mascot Memories mascot toys.


In 1989, along with his wife Kristie, he founded Myron Hieronymous Thomas and Company, Inc. a multi-media production company.  The company has produced  a variety of radio & television programs, as well as audio & video productions and web sites, for local, national and international markets.


Since 1992 he has been the principal producer for  the Sarasota Community Video Archives non-profit foundation in Sarasota, Florida, producing in excess of 80 biographical and historical video documentaries to date.